Quiet Strength

A long hot day of painting has finally ended. The house reeks of paint fumes and a nearby dairy. The windows have to stay open so no one passes out from the paint fumes. I look like a Bedouin with my sweat-stained t-shirt wrapped around my head and across the lower half of my face. Yes, it smells that bad. I think my nose hairs have burned away.

From my chair, I can see a stand of sunflowers in a neighboring yard. The neighbors ignore the sunny yellow flowers weaving back and forth in the hot wind. Wild pigeons and other birds take advantage of the shade provided by the towering plants.

I visited the sunflowers early this morning before the sun reared over a nearby mountain. The plants’ calm, almost monastic energy felt as soothing as the cool, quiet interior of a church.

As I meditated beside the sunflowers, I began to hear the low vibratory note caused by their energy field. The plants are in constant communication with each other. Their combined energy vibrates at the same level. The low note created by their energy field was faint, heard almost in the back of my mind, but it was there.

I have heard a “singing voice” from other plant species, a field of artichoke, for example. The combined energy field emitted by a field of artichoke, though, creates a high pure note, maybe an ‘A’ note. It is hard to tell because the sound is so faint and it is difficult to stay connected.

I remained beside the sunflowers for several minutes, soaking in their serene energy until the sun rudely interrupted by rising over the mountain. I came away feeling as if I had been listening to a Gregorian chant.

As I sit here watching the sunflowers endure the desert wind and brutal sun I realize I do not care if the house smells of cows and paint. This Bedouin is smiling.


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