How Do Crystals/Minerals Help Us?

As I made the long, hot walk into town this morning, I noticed a rock beneath a refreshingly green tree. This particular rock caught my eye because it was not the usual dusty shale. This pink rock was a fist-sized piece of pure rose quartz. I was amazed.

“How in hell did you wind up beneath this tree,” I asked the rock, “in this piss-hole desert town?”

I talk to rocks. I talk to everything, even appliances.

Curious, I placed my right hand on the rough surface of the quartz. I then placed my left hand against the tree trunk to balance myself. I instantly connected with the tree’s energy field.

That is when I sensed the connection between the tree and the quartz. The tree’s energy fed off the quartz’s energy.  The energy of rose quartz is as gentle and soothing as a hug from your mother. It calms the nerves, soothes a troubled mind, and helps with sleep.  For the tree, the quartz was a source of comfort in its hot, polluted, noisy city environment.

The energy relationship between stones and living beings is very real. Most people take little notice of rocks, unless it is twinkling on a finger or earlobe. Even the energy of a diamond earring will affect your energy and physical bodies in a positive or negative manner.

First, what is the energy emitted by crystals and minerals?

Universal energy that flows in and through everything enters, for example, the rose quartz. The universal energy blends with the minerals of the stone, which causes the energy to change into a weak electrical energy resonance unique to rose quartz.

The quartz’s man made and natural history also affects the universal energy that enters the stone. History is energy in action. Rocks, trees, houses, everything absorbs the energy produced by historical events and retains it.

No two stones are alike. The rose quartz beneath the tree may emit a similar energy to another piece of rose quartz somewhere else, but the two energies will not match because of each stone’s natural and man made history.

The energy of Brazilian quartz crystal is bright and uplifting, like Carnival in Rio, while the energy of Tibetan quartz is more intense, deep and reflective. Each crystal’s energy reflects its man made and natural history.

I use Brazilian piece of quartz during Reiki healing sessions because the particular crystal’s bright energy is a benefit. The Tibetan quartz, on the other hand, I use in Reiki crystal grids (for sending long distance Reiki) with the rest of my Tibetan quartz or while meditating because its energy is too strong to use for in-person healing.

I tried using a piece of Tibetan quartz during a Reiki self-treatment. I wound up with a migraine because of the stone’s powerful energy, an event that never happens if I use Brazilian quartz.

How does a crystal or mineral’s energy signature affect a person?

What do you do when you need a hug? You find someone who will hug you because you instinctively feel a need for a shot of positive energy. You then feel better because you absorbed that person’s positive energy toward you. That person becomes your comfort, or your rose quartz, and that person feels better for helping you.

Being stuck in your home for days because of rainy weather is depressing and frustrating. The sky clears and the sun comes out. You step outside and instantly a smile blooms on your face! You can feel your mood lifting and energy levels rising. You had a physical, mental, and spiritual need to feel the sun and see the blue sky in order to feel better.

These are two examples of how outside energy affects you on all levels once that outside energy enters your energy field. This is how the relationship between people, crystals, and minerals works.  You feel a need for comfort, so you hold or wear rose quartz. You feel a need for a clearing of negative energy so you might hold or wear Citrine, or yellow quartz.

Then again, you might hate rose quartz or Citrine.

We each know someone we cannot stand, but whom other people find a delight. You may not be able to understand why other people think the annoying person is so wonderful. All you know is he or she rubs you the wrong way.  Your energy and the annoying person’s energy repel instead of attract.

It is the exact same thing with crystals and minerals.

Say you feel a need for motherly comfort, but rose quartz does nothing for you. Instead, you find yourself inexplicably attracted to moonstone. Its energy soothes and comforts you in the way you instinctively need instead of in the way you thought you needed.

Develop a relationship with crystals and minerals. Instinct will guide you to the right crystals or minerals you need, just as your instinct guides you toward the friends right for you.