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Being a freelance writer demands that I read anything and everything. While doing so, I have come across a lot of negativity toward people with abilities lumped under the word ‘psychic’. Society is suspicious of psychics because of the many scam artists that claim to be psychics, as well as our silly media image (Yes, I am psychic). People start yelling, “There is no scientific evidence that proves psychic abilities are real!”

I have never seen a photo of an atom or a photon, and yet the science community believes in their existence, as do I.

I suspect the fear people have of their secrets and inner selves being found out causes people to feel, oh, dare I say, threatened by a person with psychic abilities. As a result, many known psychics are mocked or avoided, even by family members.

Light workers, people who practice energy medicine to help heal other people or animals, is another group often frowned upon by society. How can anyone heal another person by touch? And what is this energy these weirdos claim they can channel through their hands?

No one actually heals anyone. Reiki energy, the same energy that flows around and through everything in the universe, strengthens the body’s natural healing system and helps the person being healed to let go of stress and often emotional wounds. Find a qualified Reiki practitioner and experience a relaxing healing session. You will thank me later.

This blog is going to address all things psychic (I really hate that label) as well as Reiki and other alternative healing methods. I will also relate personal experiences I have had to provide insight into my seemingly mysterious, spiritual, and sometimes funky world.

Psychics, light workers, and the work we do are nothing to fear. We work with quiet patience as we try our best to help others in need of a more penetrating view into life.

Welcome to Animal Earth Reiki. Prepare to be amazed.

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