What The Plants Are Talkin’

My Plant Whispering articles will discuss how to grow individual garden plant varieties organically, as well as talk about what the plant species has to say for itself and how its energy affects the human body.

The rose plant, for example, tones the body’s chakra centers, especially the heart chakra. The rosemary cleans negative energy from our energy field, which helps us feel better mind, body, and spirit. The sweet pea plant is pure innocent joy.

By learning how the plants’ different energies affect us, you can plant what will be, in essence, a medicinal garden!

Be sure to talk to your plants, not just for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide but because your plants are listening and willing to talk with you in their silent intuitive way.

The time is getting away from me. I need to get to Home Depot. Let me do my thing, and then we will talk plants—and talk with plants!

Lompoc, CA in late spring

Lompoc, CA in late spring

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Quiet Strength

A long hot day of painting has finally ended. The house reeks of paint fumes and a nearby dairy. The windows have to stay open so no one passes out from the paint fumes. I look like a Bedouin with my sweat-stained t-shirt wrapped around my head and across the lower half of my face. Yes, it smells that bad. I think my nose hairs have burned away.

From my chair, I can see a stand of sunflowers in a neighboring yard. The neighbors ignore the sunny yellow flowers weaving back and forth in the hot wind. Wild pigeons and other birds take advantage of the shade provided by the towering plants.

I visited the sunflowers early this morning before the sun reared over a nearby mountain. The plants’ calm, almost monastic energy felt as soothing as the cool, quiet interior of a church.

As I meditated beside the sunflowers, I began to hear the low vibratory note caused by their energy field. The plants are in constant communication with each other. Their combined energy vibrates at the same level. The low note created by their energy field was faint, heard almost in the back of my mind, but it was there.

I have heard a “singing voice” from other plant species, a field of artichoke, for example. The combined energy field emitted by a field of artichoke, though, creates a high pure note, maybe an ‘A’ note. It is hard to tell because the sound is so faint and it is difficult to stay connected.

I remained beside the sunflowers for several minutes, soaking in their serene energy until the sun rudely interrupted by rising over the mountain. I came away feeling as if I had been listening to a Gregorian chant.

As I sit here watching the sunflowers endure the desert wind and brutal sun I realize I do not care if the house smells of cows and paint. This Bedouin is smiling.

Plant Whisperers

All things are made of shifting energy particles, even our thoughts and emotions. The coffee cup on your desk looks and feels solid, but it is not solid. You and I are not solid. Everything in the universe is made of energy and everything is moving.

There are people so sensitive to the energy of other living beings that they can place their hands on a plant and detect not only the nuances of the plant’s energy field, but also the various natural chemicals inside the plant that make up its living system.  Images of the inner physical structure of the plant may appear in their mind. These people are able to sense the plant’s physical and emotional state and communicate with it.

I call this group of people “Plant Whisperers” and claim proud membership in the group.

Many successful gardeners are Plant Whisperers and are not even aware of it. They are so in tune with the vibratory energy of their plants they can sense when something is wrong or about to go wrong in their garden much the same way plants communicate with each other. The successful gardener becomes a member of the plants’ community.

Science has proved plants live in communities. When danger threatens, a caterpillar infestation for example, a warning speeds through the plant’s network of roots or underground runners to the other plants to beef up their chemical and energy production to discourage the pests.

Science has also proven that after an insect chews on a plant leaf, the plant raises the level of chemical in the leaf to try to ruin its taste. When given the choice more often than not the insect will move on to a new leaf.

How does a Plant Whisperer receive communication from a plant, though?

I can only speak for myself. When communicating with a plant I first sense its aura energy, the energy that flows through everything in the universe, as I do with a person or animal.

By meditating on the plant’s energy, I gradually move deeper into its energy until I begin to sense the plant’s awareness.

Plant awareness is especially strong with trees. Tree awareness is more individual than awareness found in other plant species. A tree belongs to a community of plants, but it is also stands apart as its own self.

Once I have contacted the plant’s awareness, I silently and with respect introduce myself and offer Reiki energy to the plant. A plant will reply with the faintest voice imaginable heard in the back of my mind and carried on a specific feeling, warmth, curiosity, gratefulness, or, in the case of a certain scarred oak tree, suspicion (It has endured years of people carving their initials into its trunk.)

I often receive mental images of the inner workings of the plant at this point. In my mind’s eye, I follow the Reiki energy down into the roots and through the layers of veins in the stem or trunk to the many leaves. In most cases the journey is swift, but it can take time in water-retaining plants like cacti.

After the Reiki session, which can last quite a while because plants love to wallow in Reiki energy, I silently wish the plant a polite goodbye and promise to visit later. I then feel the energy cords fall away from between us instead of having to cut them myself.

A truly remarkable communication I experienced happened with a potted Heliotrope I saved from the garbage bin at a local garden nursery.

When I found the Heliotrope, it was a pitiable sight with its single stem and few leaves. I took it home, transplanted it into a larger pot, watered it well, and then soaked it with Reiki energy. After that, I set its pot on a windowsill and turned my attention to my laptop.

As I typed, I gradually became aware of a sense of gratefulness and love. I was alone in the room except for my dove, and she was asleep. Perhaps my late mother was visiting again. Why would my mother’s spirit feel grateful toward me, though? I did not sense her or any other spirit in the room so I shook my head and returned to writing.

The sense of gratefulness and love became overwhelming. It surrounded me. Baffled, I glanced around. My gaze fell onto the Heliotrope. Could it be the nearly comatose plant I saved was finally aware?

I placed my right hand gently on the plant’s stem. A smile bloomed on my face as a soft warm sensation of love flowed into me.  The Heliotrope was happy and grateful to me for saving it. I told it I expected flowers in a relationship. The plant delivered a few weeks later when it produced fragrant blue blooms.


Can anyone become a fully aware Plant  Whisperer? I believe so, but how long it takes each person to achieve communication with our green brethren would depend on how open-minded and grounded each person is.  A person’s success would also depend on their willingness to meditate, find their inner Still Point, and on a great deal of patience. It could take years for person A to achieve communication with a plant while person B may only need a few days or weeks. Possessing a strong sense of intuition is an invaluable stepping- stone toward clear communication with plants.

Each person would also need to reevaluate how he or she thinks of the plant world. You cannot hide your true emotions or intent from a plant. A plant will sense the truth in your energy field. If you do not respect plants as living beings, then plants will not communicate with you. They will instead go into defensive mode, like the poor scarred oak tree.

Some people talk with the animals while others talk with the wise plant kingdom. We have so much to learn from the plant world! All you have to do is listen.

By the way, roses really are all about love.

If you have any question on this subject feel free to email me at jennyharker@yahoo.com