What The Plants Are Talkin’

My Plant Whispering articles will discuss how to grow individual garden plant varieties organically, as well as talk about what the plant species has to say for itself and how its energy affects the human body.

The rose plant, for example, tones the body’s chakra centers, especially the heart chakra. The rosemary cleans negative energy from our energy field, which helps us feel better mind, body, and spirit. The sweet pea plant is pure innocent joy.

By learning how the plants’ different energies affect us, you can plant what will be, in essence, a medicinal garden!

Be sure to talk to your plants, not just for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide but because your plants are listening and willing to talk with you in their silent intuitive way.

The time is getting away from me. I need to get to Home Depot. Let me do my thing, and then we will talk plants—and talk with plants!

Lompoc, CA in late spring

Lompoc, CA in late spring

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